Magicpot Deluxe (2L) with separators (Non-stick)

3,750.00 only

Magicpot Deluxe (2L) with separators (Non-stick)

They are ideal for beginners, do not burn or stick easily and are a breeze to clean.

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3,750.00 only

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Base metal:

Stainless steel with a non stick coating on the inside.


We’ve used Teflon® Platinum, the
most scratch and abrasion resistant non-stick finish available . It can withstand metal utensils and abrasive scouring pads. It has the highest coating thickness (40 microns) among all non-stick coatings.

Safety and health:

The coating is PFOA free. It is designed to withstand 260 C. Over twice the temperature at which the magicpot cooks (120 C).


The coatings have a lifespan of 2 years. As there is little stirring in OPOS recipes, they’d last much longer in OPOS.


What happens if you eat Teflon®?
It is inert. It passes right through your body

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