OPOS Cookbot

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OPOS Cookbot

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7,500.00 only

Out of stock


Cookbot is here!

(Orders placed from 14th August will be delivered September end)

The CookBot is designed to behave like a MagicPot. But without the steep learning curve. Without babysitting.

Layer, Close, Click. Perfect food every time. This is the Cookbot promise.

Designed specifically for No water, High Heat cooking. Designed exclusively for OPOS.

Check out the comparative videos. 

Comes with 20 Preset modes for the following. It has 80 customizable modes you can set.

Mode 1. Vegetables
Mode 2. Delicate Vegetables
Mode 3. Rice
Mode 4. Small dals
Mode 5. Porridge
Mode 6. Millets
Mode 7. Caramelised onions, tomatoes
Mode 8. Ghee
Mode 9. Channa, Rajma
Mode 10. Sugar syrup

Mode 11. Pulav
Mode 12. Soups
Mode 13. Kheer
Mode 14. Yogurt
Mode 15. Hardboiled Eggs
Mode 16. Fish & seafood
Mode 17. Chicken
Mode 18. Mutton
Mode 19. Chicken biriyani
Mode 20. Mutton Biriyani

Unboxing Cookbot

Cookbot Mode 1: Vegetables

Joy of Cookbot


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