Biryani Battles

10,000.00 only

Biryani Battles


10,000.00 only

Introductory Offer


Let the Biryani battles begin!

Battle rules: The same format followed in the 1996 Gary Kasparov Vs. Deep Blue Chess match will be followed.

  1. The winner will be determined on the basis of 6 separate tests.
  2. In the case of a tie, a seventh test will be conducted.
  3. Any chef can register for the competition by paying Rs.10,000, (refundable on a win), to discourage non-serious competitors.
  4. The judging panel will be chosen at random.
  5. Both the Chef biryani and the CookBot biryani will be blind tasted based on their looks, aroma, taste, meat softness, and rice softness.
  6. The biryani that scores the highest average would be declared the winner.
  7. If the Chef’s biryani wins, they get paid Rs 1 Lakh cash, along with their registration fee.


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